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Our consultants are experts in fields ranging from Accounting, Law, Immigration Visa services, and more. 

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Who We Are

We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

2B1 is a professional Consulting firm that provides a wide range of services. Such as, Legal Assistance, Tax Compliance, and Immigration Visa to help you with visas, and more. Our team consists of experienced and professional in different fields, we have an in-house Senior Lawyers, Immigration Specialist, and CPAs to bestow exceptional solutions and service.

   Our Mission

To Serve a High Value-Added Service to Our Clients, Continuously Contribute a Modernized Strategy, Provide A Wide Range Service and Solutions That Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations

   Our Vision

To Be One of The TOP Consulting Firm Globally, To Serve Different Nations and Deliver a High Caliber Service and Unlock the Full Potential of Our Clients

   Core Values

Customized And Modernized Solutions Based on Our Clients’ Specific Needs, As We Share a Common Goal of Success.

Services We Provide


Legal Assistance

Our team of lawyers has extensive legal knowledge and practical experience, providing clients with a full range of services including legal consultation, dispute resolution, intellectual property protection, and contract drafting, helping clients protect their rights and interests in complex legal environments.


Tax Compliance

Our registered accountants have in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in tax compliance, accounting, auditing, tax planning, and tax reporting. We help our clients optimize financial management and risk control, achieve better financial performance and economic value, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.


Immigration Visa

Our team of immigration specialists understands the immigration policies and regulations of various countries, providing clients with a range of services including immigration consultation, visa applications, and relocation planning for business, work, and other immigration purposes. We help clients achieve free movement and development on a global scale.

Our team of experts

We provide customized solutions based on our clients' specific needs, helping them achieve their goals and build long-term success.

our consultants

Comprised of highly experienced and responsible professionals from diverse backgrounds, including those who have served in key positions in various government departments. Their extensive experience and expertise enable us to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Leadership Team

Client-centric approach, tailoring services to meet specific needs, building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Our Senior Consultant

Amelia Bower
Charles Davidson
Olivia Fisher
Evan Glover

our partners trust us

Roxan Peng


“As a highly professional consulting firm with expertise in tax, legal, and visa matters, 2B1 has consistently demonstrated their commitment to transparency, intelligence, and their clients’ success. They have a broad range of skills and knowledge and are able to provide solutions for labor and employment issues.”

Joy Yang

Business Operations,HOT TAIMEI

“For over 5 years, 2B1 has been our reliable partner in navigating the complex landscape of tax, legal, and visa matters. Their expertise has enabled us to exceed our expectations, especially in meeting government requirements for tax audits.”

Nelson Yu


“When we needed help managing a complex marketing plan, 2B1 not only provided valuable strategic insights but also expertly handled the tax, legal, and visa aspects of the plan. Their ability to handle government requirements for permits and certifications stood out and made them the perfect partner for our needs.”


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